Memberships don't transition correctly to the next level on expiration

Hi, I have the following setup for membership levels:
Slim1 (free one day membership, after expiration upgrade to S2)
S2 (free one day membership, after expiration upgrade to S3)
and so on.
I have assigned a user (user1) the Slim1 membership and made sure to activate it (chose "Active" in the appropriate dropbox).
On the next day, user1's Slim1 membership indeed expired and S2 kicked in.
However, the problem is - it kicked in in an "deactivated" state.
I have manually activated it, but the next day - again, S2 became expired, S3 was correctly assigned, but again in an "deactivated" state. This breaks my main functionality of the site where the members see menu items based on their membership level.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Ross,

    Hope you're doing well :slight_smile:

    Membership 2 doesn't work with setting paid membership as fallback membership but since you're using a free one that shouldn't be happening.

    I have configured similar setup on my site now but I need to wait for the membership to expire to check what's going on in order to see if it's a bug or something specific to your installation.

    I've also created two public memberships with same setup and registered account there as well so I could see if the issue is perhaps related to private membership.

    I will update you here as soon as I get back results from the test.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Ross,

    I just checked my test site and both of my accounts got the new membership assigned and set to active normally so it looks like we're not dealing with a bug but with something specific to your installation.

    What I noticed on the closer inspection is that your current test account that has S4 membership shows that the gateway is set to PayPal while it should be showing that admin assigned the membership.
    So I created new account on your site and assigned slim1 which did now show proper "gateway" in account settings.

    I did dome tests now on my end based on this and for me it's happening if I manually add membership while there's an active gateway in Membership 2 settings.

    I see that you had PayPal live configured but it's now deactivated, did you assign the membership while it was active by any chance?

    Also, can you check what will happen with wpmupredrag account tomorrow when the membership switches to S2 and let me know here?

    In the meantime I have created report for our developers to check why the gateway was wrong and if that could be indeed affecting this process.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for the confirmation, I was actually discussing this with the devs due to results from my installation and we have confirmed that the bug is there because when you have active gateway it will assign it when you manually add membership instead of showing the Admin as gateway.

    This causes the membership switch to check the actual gateway and doesn't activate it.

    So we have this report now created with all the details and developers will be looking into it further.

    Thanks for bringing this up to our attention!

    Best regards,

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