memberships reverting to visitor

Hello, since the update(s) ~21 Feb I have had problems with protected content. As per other users, initially the update turned off all of the protected pages. I identified this and corrected it, but since then everytime I assign a member to a level, ~1-3 days later it reverts them back to visitor. You have made some 4 or 5 updates since then and everytime I hope you had corrected this. This will be the last time I will persist with this program. I moved to protected content as membership pro was getting to complex for my needs.

I have tried updates, fresh installs, creating new membership levels. Turning off all other plugins. These membership levels aren't paid and I have turned that function off in the settings.

I note some code to 'Lock Subscription Status', but I am unfamiliar with editing the wp-config.php file