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I posted a reply on another thread, but figured I'd make a new thread:

I am not sure if my problem belongs in this string or not but it sounds similar to my issue. We have membership configured and we are using Paypal Express with "Serial" memberships. We have three membership levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and three membership time periods for each (paying annually, monthly or quarterly) configured and I was hoping that by using the [renewalform] shortcode, a member would see the option to change their membership (either to a new level or a new subscription length) but all it does is give them is a message of what subscription they have and when it will expire or has expired.
Maybe we're using this tool beyond it's capabilities :slight_smile: Not quite sure but hopefully you can help!

  • valice

    Hi David - Yes...that makes sense. We basically want people to either cancel their membership (not sure if that is even an option) or upgrade to a "SIlver" or "Premium" subscription. So maybe that isn't possible because of how we have the subscriptions configured. Here is what they look like

    Levels (which basically define what a visitor can get access to):

    Subscriptions (all "serial" and working with PayPal Single Payments)
    Bronze monthly
    Bronze annually
    Silver monthly
    Silver annually
    Gold monthly
    Gold annually

    So ideally on someone's "my account" page that we have setup with the shortcodes, they'd be able to upgrade or downgrade to a different subscription than they currently have.I have tried changing the subscriptions to "finite" or "indefinite" and neither changes this situation.

  • Mason


    We are working on providing better ways of doing this, but for now it means creating your own custom subscription or account forms.

    If you look at membership/membershipincludes/includes/ you'll see the sample forms that could be used as a basis for your own. We really are planning to provide this in a future update, but it's been a bit delayed for the moment.

    When it comes to recurring subscription payments the process is a bit tricky as you actually have to cancel the previous subscription and then enable the new subscription to start once the balance of time has been completed on the old subscription.

    Anyway it's doable and will be included just as soon as we're able to implement it. Right now, however, by default a visitor would be able to choose one of your six subscriptions, but would not be able to 'upgrade' or move to another subscription until they have canceled the first.

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