membership/subscription integration

I am looking at subscribe by email as a possible replacement for subscribe2. Two questions:

1) How do you import the subscribe2 subscribers as opposed to the users? The auto-subscribe feature only seems to import users. I realise I could cut and paste email addresses or wave some SQL around but is there a better way of copying?

2) I also have membership installed and of course there are various levels of membership. I would not want a message to go to someone who can't see the post. Since both plugins come from WPMUDEV this should be possible or is it in the pipleline? It is the main reason for installing it over subscribe2 really.

  • DavidM
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    Hi Loggy,

    The plugin should definitely be creating the subscription besides just the user as per the following line within the import function:
    subscribe_by_email_create_subscription($email['email'],"S2 Import Subscription");

    You're not seeing that occur though?

    As for Membership integration, that isn't something that's available at this point but it's something we can look into with a feature request if you'd like to create a thread on that here.


  • Loggy
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    That text is in the subscribe_by_email_s2_import function OK but didn't work. I had auto import set and tried unsetting it and settting it again but that didn't work either...

    What I had to do was (a) deactivate the plugin, (b) remove the *_subscriptions table and it still didn't import - maybe I could have deleted to plugin as well but didn't.

    To do that I had to remove the subscribe_by_email_* entries in *_options. Maybe I could also have done it just by unsetting and resetting Auto-subscirbe but anyway I can now see the (as it happens, single) S2 email under Subscriptions.

    Changing to Auto-subscribe now imports the contacts correctly with the appropriate note.

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