Membership/Supporter Feature Request

I have a request for the membership plugin and supporter plugin. I am working on an install that will be using each of these. The Supporter plugin will be used for the revenue stream. The membership plugin will be used to restrict access to a support section. Is there a way or could someone look into bridging these two excellent plugins so that the membership restrictions would access who is a supporter? That is, the supporters through the plugin would then have access to membership only areas on the main site.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I reckon we'll have some integration here at some point.

    My thought would be to add a filter to membership so that it can look for is_supporter().

    Anybody else looking for this at the moment?


  • Barry
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    @Splanky47 it's difficult to understand how you think it should work (for me anyway :slight_smile: ) as the supporter plugin works on a "blog" level - i.e. the blog/site is the supporter not a user on the blog/site - so once it is signed up as a supporter blog, it has extra space, premium themes, premium plugins, etc... for *all* users on that blog/site. Whereas membership is a user level plugin, so specific users have access to different things / content.

    How the two would be integrated I'm not sure and they are approaching the monetisation of a site from two different directions.

  • Splanky47
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I am actually only trying to approach monetisation from the Supporter side. But that I would be providing support to the supporters in an area on the main site that is blocked to non-supporters. I was wondering if maybe the membership plugin could check the database for the supporter role on each site and then give the admins for each supporter site access to specific pages.

  • Splanky47
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Aaron, it just occurred to me. I should be able to use the psuedo function you mention to check in the main theme and then serve different info depending on user status? Without needing to worry about using the membership plugin?

  • transparencia
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    I understand the idea of Splanky47. It is basically using the features that Membership provides, like the premium category hiding, premium shortcodes, download groups, etc... in the Supporter plugin itself and only in the main website.

    So it would work like Membership with 2 levels, free (non-supporter) and premium (supporter) and the Network Admin could then hide Pages, Posts, Downloads, etc... to the mon-Supporters and show them to Supporters.

    I would love to have this included in the Supporter!

  • hucknallite
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    I have wanted the same kind of set up as this so that anyone who buys a supporter gets access to a members site where they can get support and other help not available to free blog users.

    I solved it by making the membership the payment gateway. In the membership area, set the options to integrate supporter with membership and set up the members area. Once someone signs up (pays) for membership they get one blog at supporter level which they can create from inside the user dashboard.

    If they already have a free blog it gets upgraded to supporter automatically when they buy a membership.

    Basically instead of only supporters can be members, it is only members can get supporter benefits.

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