Membership/Supporter/Pay To Blog.. None do this easily?

Perhaps I've been doing it all wrong.. But I'm trying to accomplish some very simple functionality:

I have a Multisite installation with new blog template configured with what plugins I want users to have access to, themes, etc.

I dont need any special levels or antyhing, and I don't have any custom content. Users just need to pay to blog. However, they need to able to create multiple sites whenever they want.

I also want to be able to "Affiliatize" signups.

How can I simply accomplish:

1) Users pay to create a User Only.
2) I can create a page for users to create a new site (easy enough with an admin message inside of the admin page linked to "create a new site signup page

Membership seems to be about controlling custom content and blows over the scope of what I need completley

Supporter is all about unlocking features for subscribers that they dont yet have (latest beta doesn't work at all)

Pay to blog is as close as I come, but it doesn't have affiliate support, and sounds like it's being phased out in favor of supporter.

How SHOULD I be doing this?