Membersip plugin won't allow blog creation

I have a network setup with buddypress and the membership plugin activated.
I've set up all of the proper levels and subscriptions. All good.
But when I log into a users account (wp-admin.php), none of the admin menu items that I have allowed for that user level show up in the admin area. I want to allow blog creation for certain user levels but on the 'blog creator' user level (or any level) it only shoes the dashboard with 'My sites' underneath and won't let me create a blog.
Any idea why this is?

  • DavidM
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    Hi snails07,

    Would these particular users have a WordPress role of administrator, to where those menus would be available to them by WordPress rights? It may just be that users would need to be assigned a default WordPress role of administrator and then Membership can handle all the access rights from there?


  • snails07
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    Hi David
    You're right, they were set as Subscriber. So I have changed their roles to Administrator and it is kind of working now.
    I have a few questions though about how this should be set up (forgive me if they are some dumb questions as I have never used the network feature before):

    I have 3 levels of membership set up as follows using the membership plugin
    Community member - can participate in all buddypress activities (groups, messaging etc)
    Directory member - can list their business in the directory
    Online stores member - can create their own blog. This is so that they can use the marketpress plugin to create their own store. I will be limiting their access to the store only, no pages or posts etc.

    I have a 'Join' page with the 3 different subscription types available to choose from. How can I set an Online Store Member to become an Administrator by default so that they can create their blog?

    Also, in the Registration Settings of the Network Admin, I am meant to set this to 'Registration is disabled'. Correct?
    When I am logged in as an Online Stores member I still can't create a site. I click on the Sites menu under Dashboard and there is no option to Create New Site even though I have allowed this in the membership level.
    But when I change the Registration Setting in the Network Admin to 'Both sites and user accounts can be registered', the option to create a new site appears, but the link is wrong and directs to wp-signup.php

    Hope all that makes sense.

  • Barry
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    I have a 'Join' page with the 3 different subscription types available to choose from. How can I set an Online Store Member to become an Administrator by default so that they can create their blog?

    There used to be an easy way to do this but I can't for the life of me find it. I'll see if I can track it down again.

  • wecreateyou
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    Any word on this because this is the exact reason I'm using supporter now instead of membership. but honestly I prefer membership for what my client wants to do. but you have to be able to create sites.

    The problem I had if I recall was that when I changed the role to administrator it seemed to allow them to admin rights across the entire network. David... can you tell me if that's true so I know if I have a done something correct?

    Thanks in advance!

  • DavidM
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    Hi guys, sorry for the delay in response! On multisite the roles are still available on a per site basis so if you set a member as admin on one site you could still set them as subscriber on another.

    Using the following plugin you could specify a default role for new users so that you could, for instance, grant all new users admin rights across the network.

    Technically that might be considered insane, but if you use Membership with the global table option, your membership settings would persist across all sites. With this, you have full control of access rights across your multisite.

    The global option is mentioned in the installation page, but it's available in the config file at:

    That said, the upcoming release of Membership will be addressing these concerns in a very elegant way, though until the release, the multisite user management plugin might just do all that's needed.


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