Memebership log in

I have things working for the most part but am having an issue with the log in portion. After a registered user returns to the site, they may find themselves required to log in again. I don't see a place for that built in. I can create a landing page but the issue I am having after testing this is that the users do not land on the Welcome page or account page. They land in two different places depending on where they started.

1.) if they are directed to log in through the register form (which is not an intuitive place to start but the URL can be copied over and linked to direct them on another page. Unfortunately this link (the one from the regular registration page where you click the link because you already have an account) takes the user to a registration page that tells them to complete the subscription (see photo attached).

2.) if they log off and log back in, or if they are simply directed to the wp-login page, they are taken to user profile in the ADMIN menu. Very confusing for a visitor. See second screenshot.

How can I fix this so my registered user can log in and is directed either to a welcome page or an accounts page? This is holding up the launch of the site so far.