Memebership plugin for multisite - want site admins to control for themselves

I'm sorry if this is posted elsewhere - I can't find it after much searching. This is my first time posting here.

Hoping for some help with Membership. I installed it on my Multisite and am activating it on a site-specific basis, but the site admins can't see the Membership dashboard menu - only me as the super admin can see it (on each site). I need the site admins to be able to manage their own membership. Is this possible - I'm assuming so...

Probably super simple, but I'm pulling my hair out... Thanks in advance.


Update... I had two admins on the site I'm testing for. I removed one of them (the super admin), and had the normal admin deactivate and then re-activate membership, but it did not help. Also, I do have the membership-config defining MEMBERSHIP_MASTER_ADMIN as my super user account name.

Update #2 - RESOLVED - looks like the solution in the update above did the trick... I just hadn't overridden the cache. This is closed.