Memebership Plugin To do teh following

Hi All,

I need to find a membership or form submission plugin that can provide the following functionality. There is a lot of plugins avaialble, especially ones that restrict content but not sure which would be best suited to do the tasks required.

The client is a IT product company who want to manage their customers online through a Membership/customer area..

The Customer Area’s key purpose is to enable the client to automate some of their sales account set up and returns processes, while keeping things private.

Front End – User Functionality

1) Customer Area Login
o Login with using username & password
o Forgot Password feature

2) Apply for a Sales Account
o Complete online application
o Wait Approval – Of application
o Receive Accepted or Rejected Email

3) Returns Request
o User will need to login first
o Submit returns request
o Check status of returns request
o View returns history

Backend Temporary Functionality – Existing Accounts
4) Set up Online Client Accounts for Exiting Customer

o Email sent to Existing Customers with temp username & password login
o Customer must verify their email address
o View & Update their details & accept new T&C’s and can change U/P

Backend - Admin Functionality
1) Manage New Account Applications
o View & Edit Details
o Authorise or Reject New Accounts – generating system email

2) Manage Existing Accounts
a. Edit Customer Details
b. Manage Return Requests - Accept/Reject/Re-activate - generates email to customer
c. Deactivate/Hold Accounts

Thanks in advance