Memebrships not activating after registration

I am using membership premium with wordpress+buddypress all current versions. I recently changed the site to a free site using the free gateway option. After doing so users are able to register and get assigned the appropriate access level, but the membership is inactive. Is there something I need to do to get them to activate automatically.



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    Hi again @caevan_sachinwalla

    I had the subscription set though it now appears to be working after I checked “Enable incomplete signup accounts”. I am not sure why it fixed it and does this mean there is an issue with the way I have set up the registration?

    It’s likely the plugin simply interpreted free registration on your particular setup as being incomplete. Enabling that feature allows it to follow through with the whole process.

    One other thing I set the mode of the subscription to indefinite, but there is an expiry date still appearing in the column for each member. Does this mean they will still expire or will the indefinite more override it?

    Yes, the “Indefinite” setting will override the expiry date. Even though mode is set to indefinite, the expiry date that appears for members reflects the “Period” setting for the access level you have included in the subscription plan. To eliminate any worries you may have, you can set that for a longer period, say 20 years :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps!

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