Memory and Load Time issues after installing Popup Pro plugin

After installing Popup Pro I started receiving reports from clients that pages were loading as blank(white) or partially loaded pages. The error log reported that the site was consistently hitting the memory limit for the site.

I ran the P3 - Plugin Performance Profiler plugin to analyze what was going on and produced the attached screenshots. Popup Pro was creating almost 50% of the plugin impact for the site. See first attachment

Second attachment shows the load time impact on different pages, and the plugin takes significant time to load but only has adverse imact on approx. every other load.

the 3rd attachment is the sites performance after disabling the Popup Pro Plugin for reference.

Just wanting to find out if this is a known issue, or if there is a workaround. I love the plugin but it currently has to much overhead to be really useful.

I also loaded it on to another website and found similar results.

Image 4 is the list of Currently Loaded Plugins.