Memory Question

Hi all! =)

I installed the plugin that WPMUDEV mentioned on their Facebook page today and I'm not sure exactly how to interpret the results.

From the admin area I get this
ACTION HOOK: plugins_loaded - 30.73 MBs
ACTION HOOK: setup_theme - 33.11 MBs
ACTION HOOK: init - 35.34 MBs
ACTION HOOK: plugins_loaded - 40.21 MBs

Added together, it would appear that just loading the admin area is taking a touch over 180 MB's of memory....which I find very hard to believe.

It's even worse when I look at it from the home page

ACTION HOOK: plugins_loaded - 28.24 MBs
ACTION HOOK: setup_theme - 30.62 MBs
ACTION HOOK: init - 32.96 MBs
ACTION HOOK: wp_head - 33.21 MBs
ACTION HOOK: loop_start - 33.24 MBs
ACTION HOOK: loop_end - 33.25 MBs
ACTION HOOK: wp_footer - 33.22 MBs
ACTION HOOK: plugins_loaded - 33.15 MBs

Anyone have a clue what these numbers mean? I sure don't. : /

Thank you

~ Corey

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Corey,

    Fortunately, it looks like those memory limits are incremental, meaning for instance there's a mere 3 MB difference between "plugins_loaded - 30.73 MBs" and "setup_theme - 33.11 MBs".

    So rather than all those values being added together, it's actually a grand total of just 40.63 MBs, which is quite nice actually!

    Hope that helps clarify it, but please let me know if not and I'll see how I can rephrase.


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