menu changing !?! [login / logout]

Hi there,

Posting inj BuddyPress, not sure it's the cause of the problem ... But it did happen after I installed the plugin !?!

image 1 : This is my menu looks like (when login)
image 2 : The same menu (when log out)

"Your Account" is not in the middle, while it's setup to be the last item on the right
"Fast start" disappear ...
"Recorded Webinars" ... now stands there alone ... when it's a sub-item in the
"Tools" that also disappear

What's happening here ? :slight_smile:

I've noticed while installing the BuddyPress plugin that new items were available to add in my menu ... For instance the "Login & Register" who transform into "logout" when users are login (*great feature)

And those items have CSS classes
bp-menu bp-settings-nav - login
bp-menu bp-register-nav - logout

Could this be the source of the problem ?
Should I add a css class to all items in the menu ?
Or what ?

Thanks for confirming !