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I am using several of your plugins on a website (including Appoinments+, Events+, Membership2, and Marketpress). The customer I'm delivering this site to would like menu options hiding by user type.
There will be one Admin account, then Editor and Contributor accounts.
I'm using Client Dash (but have also tried WP Admin UI) to create 3 tiers of sidebar menu.
The issue I'm having is the menu items for your plugins only show up at admin level. If I add them to Editor or Contributor they aren't there when I log in as a user of that type. I'm assuming that somewhere they are set to being admin only pages?
Can this be changed so I can assign their functionality to users of my choice?

  • Ash

    Hello Joel

    When you say menu items, do you mean menus in admin end or front end? If front end, then I can ensure you that to show menu items in front end there is no limitation from the plugins' end, so it must be something else.

    If you talk about admin end, then yes there are some limitations. Not only the menu items, but also lots of features are limited to use by those users who has manage_options capability and that capability only available for admin users. This is because, in the plugins there are some core wp functions are used which is bound with manage_options capabilities. So, just showing the menu items for other roles can still break the inner functionality.

    However, would you please let me know which menu items you want to show for other roles? I will try on my test site if I can do something. Please note that, in Appointments+ there is a capability addon which can be used to make some features available for other roles.

    Have a nice day!


  • Joel

    Yes I mean the backend sidebar menu for them to administer the site.
    I'll check out the Appoinments+ addons but what I need is to let "Editor" level accounts to have full access to the functions of Appoinments+, Events+, Membership2, and Marketpress.
    The idea being they use an Editor account for running the events and appointments etc. but don't have all the Admin parts showing that they wont need on a daily basis.
    I'm trying to limit what they can do with their regualr login so they only login to an area that they could potentially break the site when they specifically need to do an admin level task. But the appointments and events are something they will need to administer more regularly.

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