Menu Shows Behind Lightbox When Logged in As Admin


I am new to WPMU Dev and currently trying to put together a Multi-Site for Sports Teams.

Everything was going pretty smoothly until I noticed that when logged in as Admin user, the menus on one of my non-WPMU Dev plugins would show behind the lightbox. This only happens when on a Membership 2 protected Admin page.

There are 3 levels of membership for the site, including Admin, Team Member and Supporter. Everything works great until I am logged in as an Admin User.

Screenshot - Logged In As Admin

Screenshot - Not Logged In

I have the latest versions of Membership 2 and Fancy Product Designer installed.

Any thoughts of what may be causing this?

You can see how this is supposed to work at:

Click Create an Announcement Plug button
Click the Add button
Click Choose From Designs button
Click drop down box to choose category

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Bob Hayes