Menu System in Wordpress

So I have a question on the best route for accomplishing somthing.... Im up to my features pages and was thinking I may as well use the same template for my support pages... If I want one set up similar to a blog with categories as in on the left side youd see a list, say dashboard tutorials and under it a list then some other tuorials and under a list.

would that be best accomplished via the native wordpress menus... Im hesitant to do actual individual blogs as I was trying to keep that for well my blog so I dont get myself confused later when I have a lot of blog entrys... So I figure Ill just design a custom templated page.php and obvisouly dont want to do a page for every entry

Ive yet to use the actual native menu system so not sure if its the most efficient way to do what Im after.

any advice you may have would be appreciated.. thanks