Menu/Page Structure and Setup

Good Evening,

I'm terribly sorry to have to ask but I'm having difficulty setting up a site for my step-father; I'm a first timer. Here are the details of my question in as short a manner as possible. I want the site to behave like this...Horizontal menu from left to right...Home, About Us, Pens, Jewelry, Waterfowl Calls, etc....

When I click on Pens for instance I want the site to go directly to a page that displays all the pens that I have entered into Products that are catagorized as pens. Same for Jewelry, Waterfowl Calls, etc. I don't want to have multiple or unnecessary clicks such as Pens/Store/Products/Pens just to get to the page that shows them. Is this possible? Seems like a scenario that others have surely asked about/needed. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts. I hope that I have written my question clearly enough. Cary Clark