Messed Up Enabling Network

I messed up enabling a network, even though I've done a few, was hurrying and trying to do with client sitting in front of me and of course if messed up! I didn't check that the wildcard subdomain was working properly - it's set up as a default by the hosting company but wasn't working properly.

When I did the set up and it didn't work, I thought it was something else I did and the main site wasn't working properly, so I reverted back to original .htaccess and wp-config.php, but didn't restore the original database. The client has made a lot of updates to the site, so I cannot revert to that old db now.

If I proceed with enabling network and editing .htaccess and wp-config.php now, will it work OK with database as it is or will it cause a bigger problem?

I am waiting for the reset wildcard subdomain to take effect before trying it out, but thought I'd check here for some advice before proceeding and making a bigger mess of things :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ann