Messy updates of themes in HUB

in HUB it shows one theme on my website is not up to date (Divi, Extra).
So I run "update everything" option for all websites or update everything option for one website.
No matter what it is messy.
Sometimes it shows update was OK, sometimes it shows it fails. But showing "update is OK" is always wrong when it is for themes Extra and DIVI. In wp-admin still theme is not up to date (on page etc.). And it shows strange message like "Extra - You run older version 2.12. You can update to newer version 2.12." (older and newer versions are the same)
Please fix it.
I understand your hub cannot update DIVI/Extra themes but please show there are updates available. When you show "there is no update, everything OK" how can we know we have to update theme manually?