Migrate Drupal to WordPress

Hi Guys,

I want to migrate my Drupal site to WordPress, including users, taxonomies, so the works (the site is theguitarlesson.com).

I’ve been searching high and low for best practices, but this subject isn’t really covered well, and the articles I did find didn’t seem that trustworthy and were mostly outdated.

Do you guys maybe have any guidelines on this?

I’m thinking that since the database structure of Drupal and WP are so different, it might be better to export everything out of Drupal, and bolt things back together in an excel file reflecting the tables of WP, and import that into WP…

Do you maybe know of a better solution?



  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Hi halasyt!

    When i switched from drupal to WP; i copied all my pages in HTML and pasted them in the HTML tab in the editor. << Be ready for a mess!

    You can try to export and import users << I did not try that. But then agian i try not to have registerd members.

    The database part, i really don’t thin your going to find a solution.

    I will tell you the one thing i would do differently is this.

    Create the WP site you want in a sub domian, once it is complete manualy tranfer the users from drupal to WP or send out an email telling your users the will need to reregister for the new website. Delete the drupal website, Then move the WP install to the primary domain.

    There maybe a better way. I just deleted each drupal website and rebuilt WP sites, Then agian i prefer not to have people register to most of my sites.

    On another note: Would you look to see if the “Be notified of follow-up posts via email” box below is automaticly checked for you? It was not for me and i am trying to help track down this bug. If it is not checked, be sure to click subscribe to this topic to get a reply.

    Thanks halasyt!

  • halasyt
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for the advice, and no, the checkbox is not checked automatically for me. Actually, I didn’t even get an email with your reply, but I’m pretty sure I checked that checkbox when I started this thread.

    So back to the migration, I have about 30,000 users on the Drupal site, so I have to get them imported over somehow. It’s a membership site, so it’s built around users registering.

    Also, I have hundreds of pages, so copying each by hand doesn’t really seem like an efficient solution.



  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    The 30,000 useres, i will dig around for an answer. << That would be very usefull information to have.

    The 100 Pages, that is not a very big matter, I am in the middle of rebuilding a WP multisite from a drupal mulitsite. I have 3200+ indavigual sites done, with over 80,000 to go. That does not include the pages. lol

    Doing the Pages via HTML should take less than 8 hours. Just instal the drupal visual editor modual, and copy the HTML to a text doc. The past from the text doc, to the WP HTML editor.

    Be sure to click Subscribe to Topic below this post and you should recieve a notice. I will report it for you!

    I will see if i can find a solution to the 30,000 member tranfer. Maybe a solution for the pages will be found while searching.

    Thanks halasyt

  • halasyt
    • Flash Drive

    Ok, thanks for your help. You’re right, I guess copying a few hundred pages by hand isn’t that big a deal, I just wanted to be more sophisticated about it. I’ve fallen into this trap too many times, when it takes me 5 times longer to come up with an “efficient”, automated solution, instead of just plain out doing it :slight_smile:

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    6 was my favorit! Once i found out they was no longer going to support it, and people stopped amking moduals for it i decided to convert to WP. D7 is good for comerce but Urber cart is way to complexe to teach new users how to set it up and use it.

    These links here may help!


    How I migrated a client’s blog from Drupal to WordPress 3.0

    Moving From Drupal 7 to WordPress 3.3

    This is one of those things you may not find the exact option you are looking for. You may need to switch it out over a long period of time. Like build the site in a subdomian, and and users manually, then launch when you get caught up, but 30,000 users from what i research will expand into 100,000 with in a 12 months period, and from there it just explods!


    you can post it in the jobs section of WPMU Dev

    also freelance.com << take closed bids. this will help weed out the wrong people!

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings halasyt and MTB1701,

    Very interesting conversation and issues you brought up here concerning Drupal.

    @halasyt Is it the users that are the only holdup to your transfer?

    How many users are we talking about?

    To help ease the pain and assist dealing with copying tables in the database, I offer you to download in what is in my opinion the greatest Database Management software of all time Navicat.

    Does my idea possibly help?


    Alternatively, you could see if there’s a developer available at wpmu jobs who could get onto it right this minute.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    lol that would have made the past 8-9 months a lot easier. I do not have any drupal sites left. :disappointed:


    Please let me know how that works out for you! That could be a real time savor with your 30,000 members.


    We should find away to get this information out. It would save a lot of people a lot of time, and create more converts. Can you post it on WPMU.org blog?

  • halasyt
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Aecnu,

    The Drupal to WP XML-RPC plugin can’t be used, since there should be a Drupal module counterpart, but it doesn’t exist

    Yes, the users are my main concern, there are about 30,000.

    I just did a bit more research though, and realized that both Drupal and WordPress use MD5 to encrypt user passwords, and eureka, I just tried simply copying an encrypted password in phpMyAdmin over from a Drupal test user to a WP test user, and it worked! The decrypted passwords matched, since I was able to log into WP.

    So basically I’ll be able to cut things out of the Drupal DB as needed and mold it into the WP DB.

    I think that’s the course I’ll take. I could hire some help, but where’s the fun in that? :slight_smile:

    The Drupal DB is super complicated and overly redundant, I have over 150 tables, while the site I’m building with the same functionality has 30 in WP… There are some sporadic scripts on the net people used for Drupal to WP migration, but since the Drupal DB is such cr@p, it would take much longer to understand the scripts and tailor them to my sites, rather than to do it by hand.

    Of course, if someone was ever to create a nice Drupal to WordPress migration solution, it would probably get more Drupal webmasters over to WP. It should probably be someone at WordPress.org that creates a nice solution for this.

    Drupal is becoming unbearable, while WP is getting better and better. I’ve been thinking about it for about 2 years as well, but the difficulty of migration always kept me back. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same…

    Thanks for all your help!


  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Tom,

    Thank you for your additional feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

    Totally bizarre that someone would go through the trouble of creating a module like that and it does not work?

    After looking at the module due to it is dated, maybe it did work before Drupal updates or something to that effect. The only way I guess to find out for sure now is to contact the author.

    Thank you for letting us know how you are going to resolve this Tom and for all your input.

    Thank you both Tom and Mark for being WPMU Dev Community Members!

    Cheers, Joe

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