Migrate existing site using Autoblog and Batch Create or Blog and User Creator

I'm starting a project to migrate a PHP/MySQL site with 3,000+ member sites to WordPress. Members have profiles and all the social stuff, but the main feature of this site is that it's an RSS aggregator, maybe similar in concept to blogcatalog.com. And it's actually the site (via the RSS feed) that is represented by the 'member profile'.

Cool things about our site:

1. Anyone can recommend a site for inclusion in the community by adding the URL. The site's owner can also recommend their site to be included in the community when they join.
2. The site's RSS feed is read into our site and it is added to the community, where it lives as a member profile
3. The site's owner can claim the site even after it's included in the community. There's a way to validate that ownership.

I'm thinking through the migration from the existing site to WP, and wondering if there is a way to combine the 'Batch Create' and 'Autoblog' plugins to either create the shell of the site. If we could batch Autoblog to create those 3,000+ rss reads well, that would be beautiful!

Also wondering if you have a plugin or know of one that can validate site ownership a la Google Webmaster tools. The process would be
1. Member claims a site
2. We give member a file/snippet to include on their site
3. We test against that file/snippet.



  • Mason

    Hiya Charlie,

    I'm a bit lost (but it's getting late so that could be my fault) as to exactly what you're wanting to do.

    Definitely Batch Create can setup 3000 Users/Blogs (though - please test it out with a small group first - it's very powerful and will input everything directly into the database, so if you've got your usernames off by one - or they're not valid to WordPress - it'll create them all anyway)

    Sorry, just have heard some not-fun stories! Batch Create totally works, but it's a pretty powerful plugin, so use responsibly! ;D

    As for autoblog, are you wanting to move feeds from the old site into the new profiles?

    My guess is you'd like to have the RSS feed be automatically implemented in the same way the usernames, passwords, etc from batch create are set up.

    Is that correct?

    I have no idea how that would be possible apart from a specific plugin to do exactly that.

    But again, it's late. Give us some more details and perhaps someone else here will even have a better solution for ya.


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