Migrate from Dev_Multisite server to live Multi_site server?

Good Afternoon,

Are there any special issues with this plugin when migrating from a dev server to a live server?

We have a multisite install on both servers. I want to be sure before I build this out that I understand any database transfer issues when I migrate the server from one to another. Any pointers related to the "Membership" plugin and migrating from server to server would be appreciated.

Thank you


  • DavidM
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    Hi _Sqirly and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    There's no special considerations I can think of except to say that Membership uses a number of database tables, easily recognized by the m_ prefix.

    If you're migrating/cloning the database, there really shouldn't be any issues there.


  • Timothy Bowers
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    One thing to note though is if it were a dev server to a production server then I guess the url will change, you most likely used an ip address before.

    If it does then I believe this nothing specifically related to the membership plugin but you will need to make changes to your wp-config.php file to reflect the url difference. You may also have hard coded links in your DB to urls and even file paths depending on which plugins you use.

    To make sure just do a quick dump of the DB and then use a search and replace type tool to scan the contents for any urls or paths.

    Recently on one of our installs we renamed the wp-contents folder and moved the plugins folder, we had to go through the database making some subtle changes.

    You may also need to change the htaccess file. Save the permalinks again to recreate them and you should be fine. (It may not need changing)

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