Migrate from windows site to Wordpress

I have one html site on a windows server that I would like to move to WordPress on a linux server. I need to preserve the urls to maintain established SEO.

Do you have any guidance on how to do it. I'll want to preserve the domain name. So, I wonder about the proper sequence to migrate and how to get it all done right.

Appreciate any help.

  • Tom Eagles


    Not so easy, you would need to obviously copy and paste the content into pages created in wordpress, The folders in the static pages if you have them could be recreated using categories in wordpress and set permalinks to post type this would alllow the url structure to remain intact.

    Obviously during development you would be reaching the server (linux) via ip address, once finished just update the a record of the domain and point it at the new server.


  • Msaxe


    So you would use WP categories to simulate the folder structure? Is that the only way to do it?

    The site has travel references with folders named by location. Are you saying to create a category for each location name? Would this imply using posts for content within categories?

    What if I want to use pages? Each of the locations has a 3-10 html page microsite.

    Couldn't I get similar results using multisite, with the sub-blog named the same as the location folders in the old site?

    I'll rate you when the thread is complete. Please don't ask ahead of time.



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