Migrate main multisite to single site install on new server… with ALL MEMBERSHIP INFO

I’m actually trying to get rid of Multisite, since my workflow/business no longer needs it. It’s a complication I’m looking to remove. I’m also moving to an entirely new server with all my sites as well… so migration in this aspect is problematic.

I know how to do a migration in and out of WordPress multisite and single installs (I created the video you use in your tutorial on the process). However, what I’m not seeing right away here, is how to get all of the members from membership (old version) to the new website as well. That also applies to affiliate data and all that too.

So basically, I’ll need to export the database tables and import them in the new location. Doing this with multisite though is a bit outside of my experience thus far. I’d rather get some advice from you guys here on that process.

I need to do this with every site in the multisite network (they are all going to single sites), but I want to retain all data with all of them. The site I’m most concerned about though, is the main multisite domain. Site ID=1

The members are the most important thing (and keeping all passwords intact, as well as member terms, signup dates, and payment gateways).

What’s the best way to go about doing this? Thanks!