Migrate Multi-DB network sites to new non-multi-db networks using Snapshot?

Hi, I have an older multi-site network using the deprecated Multi-DB plugin. I would like to do a complete new wp multisite install on the domain name. I've read many of the other posts for migrating out of Multi-DB. It all seems rather complicated and dirty. I was wondering if I could use Snapshot to download backups of the main-site and each sub-site, then delete the wp install and do a new wp install on the domain name, and use Snapshot to import and restore the main-site and sub-sites?

I am asking because in the past I have not been success at saving and restoring multi-site networks with Snapshot using the Multi-db plugin.

Thank you!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello ChuckS,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Shapshot wasn't created with Multi-DB support and has never been officially tested with it as our Multi-DB plugin had been retired and withdrawn from our plugin repository quite a long time before Snapshot first release.

    From your post I understand that you did try to use Snapshot on a Multi-DB multisite and it didn't work as expected. I'm afraid not much has changed here and to be fully honest with you, I wouldn't expect any support for that to be added soon.

    In case of "moving out of Multi-DB" I'd say that the methods that you already aware of are the only ones here, even though they are complex. The other option, however also quite complex, is to export only data (like content and users) using standard WordPress export tool, copy themes and plugins and put them all into a newly built multisite's sub-site.

    That being said, may I ask what sort of issues did you experience when trying Snapshot on Multi-DB multisite? I mean: wasn't it working at all for you or it was but was giving some sort of errors/warnings (if so, what were those?)? Or it actually did work but was just missing some data?

    Best regards,

  • ChuckS

    Hi Adam,

    It was a while back when I tried unsuccessfully to import Snapshots into alternate multisites, both using the Multi-DB plugin. Support worked with me and we couldn't get it to work. The databases wouldn't import into the correct locations. I ended up doing as you suggest, export/import using the WordPress tools.
    This current project is a little different. I want to do a complete new install of WP Multisite on the same domain, delete the old and recreate. The site is about 10 years old with lots of WP and plugin updates and I'm sure there is old clutter everywhere. I'm trying to figure a way to export the sub-sites, do a new WP Multisite install without Multi-DB, then import back in the sub-sites (58 sites).
    Chuck S.

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