Migrate WP Site to another Server using Snapshot Plugin

Hi Support,

Please can you provide some guidance on using the Snapshot plugin to migrate a WP site from one server (shared hosting) onto a VPS! I'm losing my will to live with trying to make sure I understand what needs to be done to get the migration working perfectly. Your advice as always, is mucho appreciated :slight_smile:

Ok, here's the scenario:

- I have taken a snapshot of my current WP multisite installation on shared hosting including all database tables + common files in the snapshot settings.

- I have transferred the entire contents of the snapshot directory from my shared hosting onto a corresponding location on my VPS.

- I will then install a fresh version of WP multisite on my VPS and just install the Snapshot plugin - nothing else.

- I will then select the snapshot that I FTP'd over from the shared hosting server and click on Restore.

The issue I can see happening already is that my WP database and username need to match exactly the same db and username on the shared hosting implementation - is that correct, or will Snapshot just create the db as/if it needs to.

Secondly, will this approach work at all or have I completely lost the plot and gone off on a tangent? These are LIVE sites, so needless to say, the migration needs to go really smoothly :slight_smile:

Please can you provide some advice on this, alternatively, let me know: "What is the simplest, fastest and pain-free way to migrate a WP multisite installation from one server onto another?"