Migrated to WP-Engine and having specific email plugin issue

I am on wordpress 4.1.1 and BuddyPress 2.2.1. I recently moved my site to WP-Engine and had a variety of issues with email alerts across the board, but now that I have setup mailgun for transactional email everything is working, EXCEPT for the daily updates. The other live updates appear to work fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is core functionality, so if I can't get it to work I have to move back and that would be frustrating because other that this issue everything else is working better.

I assume BuddyPress 2.2.2 won't help this, but I am pretty sure all my other plugins would work so I can do this if necessary. Here is the main log that I see that points to an issue, but there are other concerning ones.

You can see the killed query in this one:

KILLED QUERY (65277 characters long generated in /nas/wp/www/cluster-3146/denverth/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-group-email-subscription/bp-activity-subscription-digest.php:115): \n\t\tSELECT id, type, action, content, primary_link, secondary_item_id, date_recorded\n\t\t\tFROM wp_bp_activity\n\t\t\tWHERE id IN

And then another one I am regularly seeing:

PHP Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /nas/wp/www/cluster-3146/denverth/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-group-email-subscription/bp-activity-subscription-digest.php on line 89, referer: http://denvertherapistsnetwork.com/wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=ass_admin_options

Any help would be great. I have reached out to WP-Engine as well for support, but thought it would be great to ask here too since this is such a critical issue.

Thanks! David