Migrating a multi-db site.

Been working with a client that has a multisite with over 300 sites all pretty active. We were thinking of going down the multi-DB path but we were wondering how feasible would it be to migrate a WPMU install to another server and possibly a new domain further down the line specially when we are talking about sites in the 1000's.

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    Though your question is not very clear to me, I will try to give you an answer.

    Multi DB works in such a way that it divides the database up into several databases making it easier for WordPress and the Database to retrieve data from the databases by virtue of not having to plow through one giant database, but being able to divide that up making access and going through the data of each database much faster which in turn gives a significant performance boost.

    That is what Multi DB is all about, performance - database access performance.

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  • error2k2

    Well lets say I decide to get a dedicated server or I want to test a sandbox version on a local machine. Are there tools to migrate the databases and what settings would have to change for it to work.
    In both cases the IP's will change and maybe even domain names. I can't imagine it's just a matter of uploading a dump file to another database without needing to modify a considerable amount of .php files.

  • SEA

    As I understand you question it's not really related to MultiDB, which only makes your huge database easier to handle, and a lot more faster.

    We recently split a database with 25k blogs in it, that makes about 200k tables into 256 databases, and now it works like a charm.

    What you want to do, which domain name, is doable, but you would have to loop through the entire wp_blogs table and change each domain on every blog.

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