migrating e-shop information and a blog to a new site

I currently run a site http://www.fasterglobal.com which has been hacked, and so keeps getting re-directed to a pharmacy company.

In order to resolve this, I need to build a new site. I have started to build this on http://www.fastersocial.com and I now need to find a way to transfer the page contents to this site. We use an e-shop for this site, and had it modified to hold content in an elearning style. My goal is to move both the blog from this site and also the e-learning pages. I will transfer them straight over to education.fastersocial.com for the elearning (using membership to block people seeing the info) and then I will move the blog to the new http://www.fasterglobal.com site that I will need to build.
I have to do this very fast, as it is costing my business a lot of cash and credibility.

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey John,

    I think in this situation the fastest solution would be to get in touch with your hosting company and address this issue. They should be able to do a quick scan on your files and find the trouble (usually a base64 encoded) code that is the source of the redirect. Once that is removed, everything should be back in order.

    The next thing would be to find the reason for the attack. Your host should be able to help. Without this the attack might come again.

    Some basic stuffs:

    - Are you using the latest version of WordPress
    - Are the plugins the latest version
    - Are the theems the latest version (recently there was a timthumb vulnerability, that could be a potential reason).

    To transfer the sites. Did you have a database backup? If so you can move the database to the new database via phpmyadmin. Your host should be able to help here.

    If you are looking to hire someone for the job, you could try it here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs

    Good luck!

  • johnhardy918
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Arun

    I managed it in the end. My question was not the clearest, so I wanted the page content, not the database, and that was my main problem.

    I managed to export files from my old website, and then add them to this one.



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