Migrating from Amember to WPMU Membership

OK get ready for a big one here. We recently purchased the website earthchangesmedia.com and hired Fantasktic to do a total migration away from some old web host to Synthesis. We told them about the memberships and how we didnt want them messed with, but unfortunately, everything went bonkers. Now, all the members only content (some 4,000 articles) is visible to the public and some 8,000 members cant access their accounts, renew, cancel, etc. The amember admin dashboard also does not work. I have tried many many things, but just cant get this debugged and fixed. I have no experience with amember and dont know what to do now.

If at ALL possible, could you help me turn the users found in amember, into members found in WPMU Membership? I have successfully grabbed the amember members list database and put it on Synthesis. There are just so many configuration php files and I have no idea what the old owner did (there are like 5 different installs of amember in his file directory).

Anyways, first off, PLEASE tell me there is just some way to convert this? Like a plugin or Memberships 2, or something. If not, could you outline the steps I would have to take to do this? I dont know where to begin and I am only like a novice to intermediate level of database skill. I really dont want to mess anything up. PLease advise quickly as we are losing lots of members, money, and reputation! I have spent almost two weeks trying to debug this with no luck.