Migrating from Ning to Wordpress

Hello Experts,

You have a plugin to take members from Ning2 to Wordpress which works perfectly! Now, my problem is migrating the rest!

I know you have the auto blog plugin, which takes stuff from RSS and puts them into blog post which works kind of well. The problem I have is that the Ning RSS is limited to ~70 blog posts.. and I got about 1000.

The other idea I had is get one feed per author, even if it's a lot more work for me, it's doable. The "per author" RSS feed is limited at about 30, but only me and the other owner have 30+, so it's not that big of a deal.

However (here comes the bad part).

How do I migrate the comments on the blog posts?
How do I migrate the forums? (1000+).

The Pages/Events are not that big of a deal, so it doesn't matter.

Any ideas are appreciated, and if any company did it in the past, we do have a budget for the migration, so don't hesitate to Hola :slight_smile:.