Migrating from single wp to multisite wp help please

I am trying to copy /move a blog from a single wp installation to a blog on a multisite installtion on the same server.

I used the Tool/Export Tools/Import native wp plugins to export from one then import in the other.

I got these errors on doing so:
Import WordPress
Failed to create new user for Admin. Their posts will be attributed to the current user.
Failed to import pec_events_category Working Schedule
Failed to import Media “citizenjoe1”
Failed to import “Frost Middle School 5th Period”: Invalid post type pec-events
Failed to import “Teaching”: Invalid post type pec-events

It did not copy over everything like the theme and settings of the blog to set which is the front page for example. :disappointed: ugh!!!

It does not show the same setting or did not copy over the setting of the blog of what static page is set as the main page of the blog.

I am attempting to do this so I can use your Blog Template plugin and set this one blog as the template for all new sites on the network but first things first. First I need to get this one migrated over correctly.

I tried to ask for help on this in another thread but got one reply then no further help!
That's kind of not cool by the way.


  • Nastia

    Hello @jsegal, I hope you are well today!

    Moving Wordpress it's a little tricky.

    Please, before using a WordPress Importer plugin, make sure that you are already a super admin in Multisite Network.

    The site you're moving into Multisite will have three components that you need to copy from the old site:

    - Theme and plugin files—you might copy these across or install them in the network if they aren't already installed
    - Uploads—you'll find these in wp-content/uploads in your old site, while in the Multisite installation they'll need to go into wp-content/uploads/sites/XX, where XX is your new site's ID in the network (more of which shortly)

    Please back up your website before moving your site.

    Once you do this, please create a niew site in Network and find the subsite ID.

    Upload your files to the new site:
    - Upload your plugins to the root wp-content/plugins from the backup you took from your old site.
    - Copy your themes from your backup to the wp-content/themes directory of your network

    Themes and plugins are stored in one place for all sites in a Multisite network—you don't need to store them somewhere specific for the new site.

    Copy the uploads from your old site to the new one. The files you will need to copy are in wp-content/uploads in your old site. Find the subfolder with your site's ID and upload the contents of the wp-content/uploads folder from your old site to that.

    Export your Database table. Please for more information about exporting and importing DB follow this link:

    Once you do all this, visit the Permalinks screen for your new site and turn pretty permalinks on.

    Look at your main Posts screen and check which authors have been assigned to them—there's a good chance that this will be wrong. You can change this in bulk:

    -Select all posts which should be assigned to a given author.
    -Click Bulk Actions and Edit.
    -Click Apply.
    -In the pane that appears, select the correct author from the dropdown box.
    -Click Update.

    For moving Widgets, you can use a Widget Settings Importer/Exporter"

    I tried to ask for help on this in another thread but got one reply then no further help!

    I'm sorry, I was looking through your feed and could not find anywhere your ticket regarding this matter. Would you please tell us here, where did you ask for help?

    I hope this helps!


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