Migrating Membership to New Install

Hello Support,
I hope this finds you doing well tonight...

This is a question regarding Membership which isn't showing up in the "Select an installed plugin" dropdown on this form.

I'm manually transferring one of my sites from one server to another and I have a very extensive Membership setup that will take me hours to transfer bit by bit. I'm sure here are a few database fields I can copy/paste to my new install to speed up the process but I want to make sure I cover all my basis. I back up like an addicted monkey and I know mySQL fairly well. I want to do this prior to bringing all of the members over and before I consider upgrading to Members(2). If you could provide a list of tables that I would need to copy I would certainly appreciate it.

Also, do you really believe I'll be pleased with an upgrade to Members(2)

Thank you for all your help