Migrating sites to wordpress

Hey Guys,

hope this finds everyone well.

Ive been doing a lot of site migrations to wordpress, im finding when i do migrate blogs for example there will be html embedded in the database fields im taking the data from to import into wordpress.

net end result is i’m being left with external images in my posts. which all load fine, — until i transfer the site over. ive been ftping the images in and editing the links either in the import or the db. but i really want to automate this.

So im thinking about writing a plugin thats very similar to “import external images”,

it will go through the pages and posts and look for <img tags, download the image into media, then change the link in the post or page to suit the local address.

however my partner feels like there wouldnt be enough demand to warrant the effort.

yet i could use this every time i migrate a non wordpress site to wordpress.

which leads me to wonder,

How do other people handle this problem?

Am i doing this the wrong way?

Would anyone here find the plugin Ive described useful?

id really appreciate some feedback on this.


Luke Hands