Migrating Wordpress Site to Wordpress MultiSite

Is there any documentation on migrating an existing Wordpress 3.0 site to a WP MU site? I'm comfortable with migrating regular Wordpress sites to another server, but now that I've begun with MU I'm not so sure.

I've done an XML export of the content of the to-be-migrated site, and I've created a site for it inside the MU network (to which I'll import the XML once the file paths have been updated). But now I'm struggling to identify where on the MU ftp I would place the /wp-content/uploads folder?

I noticed that when creating a site on the MU this did not populate the blogs.dir, nor did a test image I uploaded show up there (or anywhere else that I looked).

Any insight would be appreciated.

  • DavidM

    Hello Rogier and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    As a start, is the system storing the image you uploaded or is it a broken image? Can you see it in your Media Library? If so, you can take a look at the url it's stored at to see where it's located.

    Also, if you'd like to know exactly where the uploads are being stored, in the Network Admin page, in the Sites menu and under the Settings tab for your respective sites on the network, you should see the Upload Path there along with a slew of other options.

    That said, perhaps the following page from the online manuals here might help to clarify things a bit:


  • Rogier

    Hello David,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Essentially I am trying to batch update the new image file paths in the WXR file, but so far no success. I uploaded a test image to see what the file path might be, but apparently on MU the URL file path does not correspond with the structure of the FTP.

    To be clear, I mean that apparently one cannot discern the file path from copying the url of this test image. For example...


    In the HTML editor I did a find and replace on the original /wp-content/uploads file path with the above path, but clearly that doesn't work. There's just broken image icons.

    So then I tried to replace the original image path with the new FTP path instead. Like so


    But that doesn't seem to work either.

    So now I am at a loss as to what image file path to use for the mass find and replace in the WXR file? I've uploaded all images to the site folder in blogs.dir, but am not clear how to make these show up on the site.



    p.s. I would also love to know how to stop Wordpress MU from appending the image dimensions to the name of the image. Right now, if I upload "image.jpg" with the image uploader, it will turn it into "image-640x360.jpg".