Migrating/Cloning a multisite (e.g., DEV to STAGING)

I am looking for a WPMuDev plugin that works like UpdraftPlus (but for multisite) to migrate/clone an entire site -- files, uploads, db, etc. -- from one site (URL) to another (URL). As you would do to duplicate a site for staging. So far, I have attempted this with both Cloner and Snapshot. Had tech live chat but tech person disconnected chat before I could even read what was written!

The certainly could manually copy over files and import a database, but the beauty of UpdraftPlus is that is handles the site URLs for you too. It works beautifully on a single-site.

Please advise.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Kelli,

    The only plugins we have that can do this is the snapshot plugin.

    Cloner is only designed to clone sites on a multisite network to the same multisite network, it's not a backup or migrating plugin at all.

    With snapshot (for single site) you simply, install, setup & then create the snapshot.

    Once done, you import that snapshot onto the new site, and then hit restore (it will take care of the URLs), but be aware the migration features are still beta & may not work on all sites or servers, size of the sites matters, and sometimes server configs will get in the way too.

    With multisite, you would need to create a snapshot for each individual subsite, so it really probably isn't the best tool for staging environments, but then it was never designed to be used in that kind of manner.

    We don't have anything similar to updraftplus though i'm afraid.

    But you might be interested in the following;




    Hope this helps

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