migration difficulties, white screen of death, and incorrect directory path

multisite migration to new host, being conducted by the new host support staff, they have successfully brought over numerous cpanels but the last one is not working, I'm wondering if anyone here has suggestions. They used a full backup of the cpanel upon which the multisite is located. When I try to reach it via altered host file (its a live site so haven't redirected the dns yet) I get the white screen of death, and incorrect directory paths, such as https://sitename.com/wp-admin goes to https://sitename.com/home/xxxxx/public_html/wp-admin/
All the other sites, each on their own cpanel, are working fine when I view them via the altered host file (dns not pointed yet), except for this one. And all these sites are multisites and configured identically as far as I can tell, so its a mystery why one of them would not work... any ideas?