Migration of 2.7 gig database multisite


I was asked to move from one server to another as my database has grown out of control. The issue I am having is that I can download a 2.7 gig database all day long, no problem. Putting it back up is a huge headache. Now, I did it recently, but things are not right with the server I moved to. Having to do it again.

I tried the usual big dump, and it just found something wrong and could not do it. I uploaded it in pieces of 50 megs or less; of course that takes hours of tedious work just sitting and uploading.

I read all about phpmyadmin and how it could be done online directly from one install to the other. Of course it did not work as one side or the other just did not even allow the connection.

Before I go through the nightmare of so many tables split up, is there an easy way to do this? I searched everywhere, and there just does not seem to be a tool to do it.