Migration problem - subsites not connecting to content


I have a site that we are migrating from a shared host to a cloud host with Uber. Its almost all done. The primary site is fine but all secondary sites are not linking to content. We fixed the links. The old site URL was in the format..

old : abitech.com.au/wp-admin/
new: abitech.com.au/vbm2/wp-admin/

Not sure where to go from here...


I started a session with live support and they asked me to start this thread but here is the conversation if it helps

Hello, this is Ash here for next 60 mins :slight_smile:
Hi Ash, I am Jamie
Ashok : @Jamie Hi there :slight_smile:
Jamie : Are you able to help us with a migration problem?
Ashok : @Jamie I will try. Let me know about it :slight_smile:
Jamie : Moving from Uber shared host to Uber Cloud host
Ashok : What is the issue you facing?
Jamie : we have installed WP from the AppVault and then converted it to MU. We exported the SQL from the original site and copied the files...
Jamie : the problem is the new server demands we install WPMU into a folder (vbm2) and the old site was in the root folder...
Ashok : Did you change the site URL or the domain is same?
Jamie : thats close. We can see the sites in the site menu and we can change the links so they all appear ok
Jamie : domain is the same
Jamie : old site : abitech.com.au/wp-amin
Jamie : new abitech.com.au/vbm2/wp-admin
Jamie : primary site works completely
Jamie : sub sites don't link to content
Jamie : but links look ok
Ashok : @Jamie Then the URL is changed, you need to change the site URL
aSHOK : @Jamie I am still confused, you moved that site, but the subsites are not working, right?
Jamie : correct
Jamie : no dashboards either
Ashok : @Jamie Would you please create a thread? We need to check your site admin, control panel etc.
Jamie : you mean a support request?
Ashok : @Jamie Yes, please, In here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/#question
Jamie : thanks Ash