Mini Blogs For All Members of Buddypress Network?

This is a republish from a thread I opened up at themeco. My theme is X, just so you know. I am re-posting here in hopes that between the bunch of us (though conversation may be separate and private) we may come up with something good.

I have an idea in my head and I will do my best to describe it that you may let me know if/how it's possible.
I have a buddypress/multi-site network. X theme (child) is running on the primary network website. Multi-site(s)n based upon WP-default themes will be available to members - which may be nice for you to know, but I do not believe it has much to do with this support thread.

What I would like is for members of the primary website - the "buddies" of buddypress, to be able to have a single page blog - or article creation space - much like a "wall", but members would be able to publish extended content using Cornerstone. The idea is that members will be able to post entries much like contributors, but all of their posts would be semi-private: shown only on their profile or perhaps featured on the homepage.

So. Is there a way to do this?

There are no problems to report here - but my url is :http// - running latest wp, multisite and buddypress - as well as the latest x/cornerstone from TF without problems.