Minification in Hummingbird made some images display ... 'minified'.


I 'minified' enqueued files in Hummingbird (I think I must have just minified them all, apologies, but I found interpreting the settings a little confusing). The problem: two images on my front page are now displaying very small, where they had previously been full width. I get in a bit of a loop when I try to find out how to undo this. I go:

Hummingbird > Minification > Check files (under 'reduce your page load time'. It says I can revert files 'there' if there is a problem, but I need to click 'check files' for anything to happen on that page) > It displays that it is 'Checking files' ... (interlude music)... > Then the page opens with the table of enqueued files.

So far I have tried toggling the green slider near 'discard changes' at the top of the page, which says it will disable magnification. However, when I check, the front page images are still small.

Is the way forward to check which of the files listed on this page are to be included in the magnification? There are a lot of different settings and I am a little confused. Otherwise, which of the files might be the culprit?

I have granted you support access.

Thanks for your help.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Annalise,

    It doesn't look like problem with minification - there is console error for JS file that is still present when minification is disabled.
    That error comes from JetPack. Also I checked source of image and it is server from CDN - and its is server as thumbnail not big image.
    It is possible that you enabled photon add-on in Jetpack when you were also doing minification? Can you disable photon or whole Jetpack and see if this will help?

    Is the way forward to check which of the files listed on this page are to be included in the magnification?

    I'm afraid that when it comes to minification there is no shortcuts. Each site is different - has different theme and set of plugins - so files have to be tested if they can be combined, minified and /or moved to footer of the site. That way allows to find optimal configuration for you site.

    kind regards,

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