Minify Configuration

Hey do you offer minification configuration help?

  • Rupok

    Hi Todd,

    We are always here to help. Can you please describe your requirement a bit more specifically? I mean, what type of help you are looking for? Do you want our help to find out the most optimum minification configuration? Well, in that case, the optimum minification configuration differs from site to site. As different site uses different combination of themes and plugins, there is no standard. You have to go through the Trial and Error process to find out the optimum settings for your site.

    When you enable minification for all files, are you getting any issue? Design break, not functioning or something else? If we know what's the exact issue, we could help you better in troubleshooting that. A generic approach will be allowing minification for all files. Then if your design breaks, exclude CSS assets one by one and check excluding which file brings back your proper design. If you get any functionality related issue, then you need to do the same with JS assets. You should also try putting all JS assets to footer first. So it's totally a Trial and Error process.

    You will get full usage guide regarding minification, here:

    But if you have any confusion, or if you are stuck at any specific point, please let us know. As I said before, we are always here to help and we will love to jump is as soon as you confirm what type of help you are looking for.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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