Minify feature not working

After running the Minification tool in the Hummingbird plugin, I can still see there are some pending files.

I select all files to be Minified and run the tool, however there are still some pending files when I run the tool.

In addition to this, I can see in the Google PageSpeed tool, that the Minification has not occurred.

Can you please help me with this?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Chris,

    Hope you're well?

    Files are pending until our servers have completed the caching. However, by the looks of those 3 remaining files, they are not able to be processed bu Hummingbird at all, so are ignored, we are working on cleaning up the messages as Pending isn't meaningful here, rather it would be best if it said Ignored rather than Pending on those files that Hummingbird can't process.

    It looks like for some reason the Browser caching isn't working correctly as your server seems to be overriding the cache expirations which Hummingbird doesn't seem to be able to change,

    Is there anything in your Godaddy settings to disable it's build in caching, or change those expiry times?

    As you're using Managed hosting on Godaddy, you're very limited to what can be done automatically, and sometimes the loopbacks are prevented which means Hummingbird can't detect whether settings are enabled and working properly. But in this instance, it looks like Hummingbird is unable to change those cache expiry times. & the CSS cache is way too short at 1 day

    Can you copy/paste me your current .htaccess file?


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