Minimum Amount for Free Shipping:

wondering if any one has found a way to make a minimum Amount for Free Shipping option?

  • DavidM
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    Hi majaluk,

    The best way to do that would be to create a shipping plugin with a slight edit to accommodate that, something to seek a developer’s assistance on though, if you’re not comfortable with coding, yourself.

    If you’re comfortable with a bit of coding, you can check out marketpressmarketpress-includesplugins-shippingmp-flat-rate.php to see how the shipping is normally done.

    On line 222 begins the calculate_shipping() function wherein you can make a check for the total price of the cart items and apply shipping charges conditionally.

    Though perhaps a member here might already have something like that and would be willing to share that for a good 30 rep points? Anyone?



  • DavidM
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    Thanks for mentioning that thread David! I’ll have to see about giving those rep points to the developer. :wink:

    Strangely, I recall actually providing an edit like that myself as well, just can’t seem to remember where that was posted. It’s a relatively simple edit and the code Aaron mentioned should still work just fine.


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