Minimum PHP Version Matrix by Plugin

Dear Support (ters),

I recently had an issue with Cloner on my site. It was working fine then not at all. Upon further investigation it turned out that our upgrade to PHP 5.5 had caused the issue.

Our hosting provider was good enough to wind back the PHP clock to 5.4 on our behalf. Here is what they said and did. "I was able to fix this problem. The issue was in the PHP version. The PHP version for your website was set to 5.5, however for this PHP version there is no Zend Framework extension which your Cloner plugin is using. I have set to the PHP version to 5.4 and now the clone functionality is working properly."

Here is the question ...... is there a matrix of WPMUDEV plugin vs required PHP version? This would help paint a very clear picture of how to control PHP versioning across the site.

Here's another question ...... instead of this matrix floating around somewhere in the WPMUDEV blogging universe, could it be integrated into the plugin information/update process?

I'm not sure what resources need to be brought to bear to make this a reality, or even whether you think it is of value. I just know it would be helpful to me and my business, the efficiency of which is directly tied to the quality of your products and supporting information.

As always, all good wishes.
Will Power