Minor Code Fixes

Applies to Version: Ultimate Plugin v1.1.4.1

Reference to undefined variable: $fid. Other functions use the same line below, but have a parameter named: $fid.
This is only a problem if running WordPress in debug mode with XDEBUG. When exception is raise for undefined variable, response stream is sent too early.
Line 277

function get_pages_tokens () {
	$fid = $fid ? $fid : $this->get_current_user_fb_id();

Changed To:

$fid = $this->get_current_user_fb_id();

Line 306
Reference to undefined $uid

function get_events_for ($for) {
	if (!$for) return false;

	$tokens = $this->data->get_option('wdfb_api', 'auth_tokens');
	$token = $tokens[$uid];

It is not clear what the $uid variable should be in this case. I'll try to research this further.