Minutes are great, but why not also hours and days? :)

I set an additional time base of 1440 minutes (1 day, you know) and on the "Make an appointment" public page I can see this on the appointment details box: "Lasts (approx): 1440 minutes". Why not parse this as "1 day"? Or, instead of "330 minutes", let's say "5 hours and 30 minutes"? This option is going to be more human readable showed on this way :wink:.

Moreover, it would be great if there were a new option on the settings page saying something like "Checking this you will allow users to make an appointment for a full day. Please, remember to tell your customers when a 'working day' starts and ends if you aren't offering a 24hour service.". I'm sure this could be useful in a couple of cases and this could be the first step before enabling some other booking options as, for example, booking two or three days or minute slots at a time.

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey there,

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    I agree with you on both points. The first is obvious.

    The second, I can see it being handy when using the plugin for hotel packages, tour packages and other services that can take a day or more.

    Let me file this in as a feature request and let our developer know of the same :slight_smile:


  • Hakan
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    You don't normally receive an appointment from a person for the whole day. I never thought it and I didn't even test it. What kind of a business is that? Can you elaborate please?

    This is not a Booking plugin. And we don't plan to add a day option here. A Bookings+ project is currently being worked on.


  • eqhes
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    I've seen whole day reservations for freelance travel guides. "One day" doesn't really mean 24 hours, mostly mean 6 to 10 hours only, but the guide is not looking at their clock each minute, so they call this "whole day". They go with you most part of the day showing you where to eat, where to travel, what you can buy or how people enjoy on the city you are visiting.

    On this website you can look for personal travel guides with hourly and daily rates:

    Sometimes business people may travel to a city for two or three weeks and they spend one or two days doing tourism, so making two day appointments makes sense in such cases (we should call them "bookings" instead?).

    If you are working on "Bookings+" maybe the tourism guides should use this other plugin because of their requirements, is not? Is there a beta version of the plugin we could start testing? :slight_smile:

    Thank you all for the fast replies :wink:.

  • Hakan
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    I understand now. Such applications including guides and tours will be available with Bookings+ plugin.

    A+ will be limited to hourly appointments.

    There is no beta version of this plugin as we started recently. A beta version can be expected only after a few months.

    Did you already check Events+?

    It supports paid or unpaid daily bookings and you can define the content as you wish. You can limit the capacity of the event (or tour) too.


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