Minutes are great, but why not also hours and days? :)

I set an additional time base of 1440 minutes (1 day, you know) and on the “Make an appointment” public page I can see this on the appointment details box: “Lasts (approx): 1440 minutes”. Why not parse this as “1 day”? Or, instead of “330 minutes”, let’s say “5 hours and 30 minutes”? This option is going to be more human readable showed on this way :wink:.

Moreover, it would be great if there were a new option on the settings page saying something like “Checking this you will allow users to make an appointment for a full day. Please, remember to tell your customers when a ‘working day’ starts and ends if you aren’t offering a 24hour service.”. I’m sure this could be useful in a couple of cases and this could be the first step before enabling some other booking options as, for example, booking two or three days or minute slots at a time.