Misbehaving slider and nav hover

Hi there,

(Note: I thought I just posted this, but it is not appearing. I am reposting with a sincere apology in case the post appears while I am typing.)

I am close to going live with a project, and I two quirky (self-inflicted) issues I cannot seem to resolve.

Site: http://02aa780.netsolhost.com/

Quirk No. 1: On the initial opening of the site, there is a lag on the slider's opening. It generally lasts as long as the first slide duration, and disappears when the second slide appears. It never does it on refresh. It's only on the first opening. And every browser I have (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPhone, iPad) has it happening,

Quirk No. 2: My client requested a taller navigation bar. I was able to manipulate the background, but not the hover, which maintained the same height. I believe someone told me it should inherit the properties of the background height, but I could be making that up. Even if I was, that answer doesn't seem to fall in line with my hover.

Any help would be amazing! Thanks!!!